Season Greetings 2013 !

Icosahedral Cluster Dance in Photonic Geometric Environment

Best 2014 !

A little bit of Illumination at the MS STUBNITZ, a super location to host a party. It is finally back in Hamburg for a while and was booked by the Gängeviertel for a fundraiser to support their cooperation. Thanks for the crew of Stubnitz and Gängeveirtel for the nice support!         

Illumination of the formerly abandoned TGA-Building in Magdeburg, now hosting the wowsy art event MYSTIQUE. 100+ artists from Germany, Europe and beyond (way beyond) demonstrating fine art in the revived building complex with 8 floors of office space and 3 huge industrial production halls - truly amazing!

thanx for the great support of the team on spot, a whopping crew with a monumental task that they mastered very well. The exhibition is ongoing until 27.7.2013, there should be a great farewell event scheduled - mark your calendars!

A new Illumination at the Viktoria / Frappant, to celebrate the amazing castell-esque shape of this historic building. Pictures by the great Lena Jürgensen - Thanx!

The first pic is the official pic for our campaign to buy the castle of art & more! Home (workspace) for 150 people from all realms of creativity.

See for more information. If you look for infos in english, please write me a mail.

Geometric bodies (icosahedral) in a geometric environment (hexagonal pyramidoid) with photonics of varying wavelengths.

An interesting layout of a geometric environment with a touch of x-mas gefunkel and icosahedral clustering… just the way I like it :-) Music from soma fm x-mas lounge

Season Greetings !

From Lumidium

One of many new photonic blossoms in my photonic garden…

One of many new photonic blossoms in my photonic garden…

Testing a new setup of laseractive materials in rotation. RGB lasers in effect, wait for red to appear. rotation still not slow enough and with glitches, but with interesting results/patterns… produces interesting still photos as well… more down the road…

Some new Impressions of the Illumination at the old shopping center “Kaufhaus Held” in Leipzig. Installation was part of an artist exchange program “Betriebsausflug” between Hamburg and Leipzig. see for mor info.

A longer clip depicting the illumination at an abandoned shopping center “Kaufhaus Held” in the city of Leipzig. The installation is part of the artist exchange “Betriebsausflug” between off-art spaces from Hamburg and Leipzig. For more information on this project see